Like many of you, I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, but sometimes it may be from other websites, shopping, tv, or magazines too. I often find an item that is a beautiful piece, it just needs some love. Then I may dream up multiple ways to paint or make it new. (Part of the fun for me!) Some pieces speak to me right away and need to be painted a certain way, while others it takes me awhile to design them.

For this post, I’d like to hear from you. In a Pinterest & DIY inspired time, what inspires your home projects?





Next Project- Coffee Table Makeover

With starting a new job, I’ve been a bit slow at getting around to painting this coffee table. (For my day job, I work as a Wellness Coach. I love helping people become healthier & reach their own personal goals!) Now that I feel like I’m settling into my job a bit and my last craft show is over, things are a little less hectic now. I’m ready to begin some new projects!

Part of the fun for me, is dreaming up all the ways I can give it a brand new look. For this one, I think I’ll try something new. Maybe a fresh coat of paint with a glaze over it to bring out the details. 🙂 I’m still deciding the color, but hope to pick it out soon. Stay tuned for more updates soon!
What colors are you loving right now?

Here is the coffee table Before: If someone is interested in the Evansville, IN area, I can custom paint and you pick the color.


Textured & Distressed Nightstands

The finish on these nightstands is a creamy color with distressing in brown. Texture details make this set stand out. The inner sides of the legs and door are painted a dark brown.

This set is painted in a way to show texture.

This set is for sale for pickup in Evansville, Indiana only. $200.00 for the set.

DSC01233 DSC01234 DSC01235 DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01238 DSC01239 DSC01241 DSC01242 photo

Decorative Distressed Chalkboard Chair with Hand-woven Seat **SOLD

I will admit, this chair is a little hard to part with! It has been in my family for years and has had many, many lives. You can see the most recent look before I refinished it below.

This chair has been refinished with chalkboard paint, distressed to see a bit of the white paint beneath and sealed well with a finishing wax. This new finish has a slight sheen. The seat is hand-woven with jute.

**For Sale in Evansville, IN only. Cash only.

Please email me if you are interested.

Price: $80.00 USD chalkboard-chair-beforeafter-001 DSC01122-002 DSC01123-002 DSC01124-002 DSC01125-003 DSC01128-002