Hand Painted Distressed Wooden Candlesticks in Linen- Sold

Hand Painted Distressed Wooden Candlesticks in Linen
These candlesticks are a beautiful addition to any home. This is a set of two. Candles not included.
Each one measures 13inches tall & the base is 5.5 inches.

They are painted with milk paint, which provides a textured look. They are also distressed and finished with wax to make the finish last.

Visit my store on Etsy to purchase them. GretchenLeighDecor

DSC01226-001 DSC01227-001 DSC01228-001 DSC01231-001


Entry Table Refinish Project



Entry Table Refinish Project.


This project began with my curiosity of milk paint and the distressed finish.  I had a table that didn’t quite match the rest of my furniture, so I decided to use this finish. Milk paint is a different texture than most latex or oil based paints.

After reading up on milk paint, I found Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I liked the clean look of the color Linen.


The trick I’ve found to this paint, is #1 mixing it well, #2 sanding between coats and #3 using the bonding agent if you want a distressed, not chippy look. It may take a few coats to achieve the desired look.

I distressed this table, then sealed with wax to make sure the finish lasts.

The pictures below are of the finished project.

What painting projects are you starting this year?

Happy New Year!


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Welcome Painting

Welcome Painting

Perfect for your entryway.

This painting is on a 12×12 canvas. The edges are painted black with a scalloped edge on the front. The red background is painted with variation to show texture. The letters are solid black. This picture has a gloss finish.

This item is available in my Etsy Shop GretchenLeighDecor.

DSC01223 DSC01225

Glass Silver Dots Pillar Candle Holder

Glass Silver Dots Pillar Candle Holder

This glass candle holder is clear with hand painted silver dots.

This item would also be nice used as a vase or to store other items.

Measures 7.25 Tall & 3.25 around.
Handwash only.

*Candle not included

This item is for sale in my Etsy shop GretchenLeighDecor

DSC01211 DSC01214 DSC01218 DSC01219-001

Christmastime Birthday Party Decor DIY & Printables

Tis the season for festive decorations! Combining holiday and birthday decor can be a challenge. I helped a friend decorate for her girls’ 1st and 5th birthdays. Read on for the how-to’s and details.


Of course Pinterest is my friend when it comes to inspiration, but I often like to modify ideas I find on there. For this party, I bought all decorations at the Dollar Store, Michaels, and Party City. The goal was to keep the budget as low as possible. It adds up quickly people! I tried my best to DIY quite a bit of it. It was a bit challenging to find birthday decor that went well with christmas too. I’d like to think it was a success. The girls had a great time (my nieces included!).

I’ll get to the pictures, we all know we skip the text and check out the photos first. 😉

For the Birthday Banner, I printed letters out then backed them with black scrapbook paper, and strung them together with white ribbon. Happy Birthday Banner


We needed something special for the door, again the holiday/birthday challenge.  I loved how this turned out! I used the same printable birthday sign, just didn’t use any paper behind it this time. I used scrapbook paper to create the snowman also. I traced a ribbon spoon and used the Rudolf nose from the photo printable for the eyes.  Snowman Door Idea



These stockings added a cute little touch. LOTS of other cute printable on this site too. Printable Stockings


The photo props were a big hit! So cute for the kiddos.  I used these as templates and traced them onto scrapbook paper. It is a little thicker and you can get special/fun colors. I attached each to a small dowel rod. They did not need to be on a long dowel since they were for kids.  DIY Christmas Photo booth Props


I made several garlands. One with snowflakes, by simply using a hole punch and stringing them with ribbon and another by tying candy canes together with ribbon.


DSC01169 DSC01168 DSC01167





Party favors are such a nice touch for guests.  All the kids loved having something they could take with them.  My niece was so excited, the marshmallows and chocolate chips didn’t make it home. Labels for Hot Cocoa







Hand Painted & Distressed Mason Jars

I love the look of painted, distressed mason jars. They are perfect in so many ways. This design provides a way to highlight the details in the glass work. These jars are oh- so-pretty with a few flowers in them or in the bathroom with makeup brushes in them.

Visit my shop to purchase these classic, beautiful jars. Gretchen Leigh Decor

DSC01130-001 DSC01131-001 DSC01133-001 DSC01135-001 DSC01136-001 DSC01139-001 DSC01140-001 DSC01141-001 DSC01144-001 DSC01147-001 DSC01149-001 DSC01150-001 DSC01151-001 DSC01154-001

Decorative Distressed Chalkboard Chair with Hand-woven Seat **SOLD

I will admit, this chair is a little hard to part with! It has been in my family for years and has had many, many lives. You can see the most recent look before I refinished it below.

This chair has been refinished with chalkboard paint, distressed to see a bit of the white paint beneath and sealed well with a finishing wax. This new finish has a slight sheen. The seat is hand-woven with jute.

**For Sale in Evansville, IN only. Cash only.

Please email me if you are interested. GretchenLeighDecor@gmail.com

Price: $80.00 USD chalkboard-chair-beforeafter-001 DSC01122-002 DSC01123-002 DSC01124-002 DSC01125-003 DSC01128-002

Hand Painted Sliver Glitter Mr & Mrs Wedding Signs

I wish I’d thought to make this before my wedding!

Hand painted silver wooden letters, with silver glitter. Each letter is tied together with black satin ribbon.  These are perfect tied to the bride and groom chairs or any other spot in your wedding decor.

Price: $30.00 USD

Shipping: $5.00 USD


Each of the letters are 3 inches tall.

The black ribbon is a little more than 17 inches on each side to tie a bow.

Mr: About 5.5 inches wide

Mrs: About 7.5 inches wide

(letters only measured)

On Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/GretchenLeighDecor DSC01110-001

Glitter detail
Reverse side to show ribbons

DSC01115-001 DSC01116-001DSC01121-001DSC01117-001

Quick & Easy DIY Tree Topper


This one is not for sale…sorry everyone. It is a quick how-to idea. Our tree topper just wasn’t my favorite so it was time for a new one.

I took a few large ornaments from the dollar store, hot glue, a coat hanger and some silver spray paint.

With wire cutters, I cut the hanging part off the hanger and straightend the remaining part. I then carefully coiled it to make a way for it to stand on the tree. I sprayed that silver. ( I was able to hold it from the part I knew would be glued inside the ornaments.)
Sorry, I didn’t take pictures while I glued it. I needed to move quickly. I ran a small bead of the glue around the inside edges of one of the ornaments. Then placed the painted hanger in the bottom in a larger drop of glue and put them together. Pretty quick and simple!