A New Tip for Removing Labels on Glass

I don’t know about you, but I come across so many glass bottles from packaging that would be great for other uses. You just have to be able to get the label off. Some are easy to peel…but others leave you scraping forever.

Here are a few tips I found that work best for me:
First, I fill the sink with hot water, dish soap and sprinkle in some baking soda.

Then, I let them soak for awhile. (At least 30min, if not longer. I did things around the house and came back to them.) Some of the labels will just slide off with this method, however, I’ve found some are still very much stuck on.
So here’s my big tip that I hadn’t seen anywhere else…
I use a magic eraser to remove the leftover residue. (Actually I used one I got from the dollar store. Even better right!?)
As you can see, this one had quite a bit of reside remaining.


So I started scrubbing. If the eraser alone won’t cut it, sprinkle on some baking soda and scrub away. It does still take a little elbow grease.


And there you have it, an easier way to remove labels!
Do you have any other tips that work well for you when it comes to removing labels?



You are My Sunshine Painting

Hand Painted, 9X12 canvas is painted with Acrylic paints. Light yellow goes to bright in this painting. It is sealed to last and has a slight sheen. The edges are also painted, no frame needed.

Buy this on Etsy!20140216-171022.jpg20140216-171035.jpg

Picture Frame Makeover

20140206-162448.jpgWe all have frames we’ve had for years, or see them at our ‘junk’ stores that are beautiful but not quite the right color. A few coats of paint can make all the difference!

Here I simply painted the frame using a sample of Valspar paint I had left over and highlighted the textured areas on front with Rust-oleum Metallic Accents in Real Pewter.

It’s amazing what a little paint can do! Think twice before getting rid of old frames or pick them up super cheap and give them a makeover like I did. Nice frames can be expensive!