Gretchen Leigh Decor is located in  Evansville, Indiana.  Currently, we are only selling furniture decor in the Evansville, IN area.

I have always had a passion for art and design. Growing up, I learned from my mother that old pieces of furniture could be repainted and given a new life. Through college and after buying my first home, I painted and drew pictures or found ways to make items unique as a way to decorate my space.  (Of course at that point in time it was partly because of my extremely limited budget, however, these lessons gave me a whole new appreciation for creating pieces.)

My true inspiration to create Gretchen Leigh Decor was my wedding in October, 2013.  I designed and created each element.  Although stressful at times, I loved creating items that conveyed my personality.

I love the challenge of creating something new out of something old. Whether is it simply a fresh coat of paint, or re purposing an item to have an entirely new use. These things can add so much character to your space. The items you will find here are unique, mostly one of a kind items. They are either hand painted items that are unique on their own, or items that have been given a new life with paint or reinvention in some way.

I love having a beautiful space to live in.  Decor says a lot about the person you are, and can have an impact on your mood.  I hope you love the items I display in my store.  They are hand picked by me to add to your collections.

Thank You for Visiting Gretchen Leigh Decor.

My Etsy site- Gretchen Leigh Decor on Etsy


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