Christmastime Birthday Party Decor DIY & Printables

Tis the season for festive decorations! Combining holiday and birthday decor can be a challenge. I helped a friend decorate for her girls’ 1st and 5th birthdays. Read on for the how-to’s and details.


Of course Pinterest is my friend when it comes to inspiration, but I often like to modify ideas I find on there. For this party, I bought all decorations at the Dollar Store, Michaels, and Party City. The goal was to keep the budget as low as possible. It adds up quickly people! I tried my best to DIY quite a bit of it. It was a bit challenging to find birthday decor that went well with christmas too. I’d like to think it was a success.¬†The girls had a great time (my nieces included!).

I’ll get to the pictures, we all know we skip the text and check out the photos first. ūüėČ

For the Birthday Banner, I printed letters out then backed them with black scrapbook paper, and strung them together with white ribbon. Happy Birthday Banner


We needed something special for the door, again the holiday/birthday challenge. ¬†I loved how this turned out! I used the same printable birthday sign, just didn’t use any paper behind it this time.¬†I used scrapbook paper to create the snowman also. I traced a ribbon spoon and used the Rudolf nose from the photo printable for the eyes.¬†¬†Snowman Door Idea



These stockings added a cute little touch. LOTS of other cute printable on this site too. Printable Stockings


The photo props were a big hit! So cute for the kiddos.  I used these as templates and traced them onto scrapbook paper. It is a little thicker and you can get special/fun colors. I attached each to a small dowel rod. They did not need to be on a long dowel since they were for kids.  DIY Christmas Photo booth Props


I made several garlands. One with snowflakes, by simply using a hole punch and stringing them with ribbon and another by tying candy canes together with ribbon.


DSC01169 DSC01168 DSC01167





Party favors are such a nice touch for guests. ¬†All the kids loved having something they could take with them. ¬†My niece was so excited, the marshmallows and chocolate chips didn’t make it home.¬†Labels for Hot Cocoa








Quick & Easy DIY Tree Topper


This one is not for sale…sorry everyone. It is a quick how-to idea. Our tree topper just wasn’t my favorite so it was time for a new one.

I took a few large ornaments from the dollar store, hot glue, a coat hanger and some silver spray paint.

With wire cutters, I cut the hanging part off the hanger and straightend the remaining part. I then carefully coiled it to make a way for it to stand on the tree. I sprayed that silver. ( I was able to hold it from the part I knew would be glued inside the ornaments.)
Sorry, I didn’t take pictures while I glued it. I needed to move quickly. I ran a small bead of the glue around the inside edges of one of the ornaments. Then placed the painted hanger in the bottom in a larger drop of glue and put them together. Pretty quick and simple!





Hand Painted Santa Wine Bottle

Hand Painted Santa Wine Bottle. $23.00

This wine bottle would be a beautiful addition to your holiday decor collection.  This bottle is hand painted a pearled red, with a shiny black belt. The belt buckle is embellished with silver glitter. A feather topper is added for fur at the top.
DSC01088 DSC01089 DSC01093